Words can break,
and ruin what is good and clean,
can change the movements
of an army,
or a small child
whose mother has concern.
Don't run.  Be careful.
Words can change the game,
can change your luck,
bend the rules,
make what's wrong seem right,
turn sex into a dirty thing,
and love into a crime.
Words can make believers blind,
and make unbelievers see the light.
Words can comfort
more than touch,
more than money.
Fame is made of words.
Who is she?  And why?
Words are stronger than a chain,
can bind your heart,
can make you weak with shame.
Words can form a wish,
make a lyric from a line,
a melody into a song.
Words can tell a bedtime story,
can be gentle as a kiss,
as unintended and as needed
as the rain.    

George Wright   12-24-2010 

A slippery marble
spinning in a vacancy of black.
Void, but for the zillions
of untouchable lights.
A drop of liquid stone
clinging to itself,
just cool enough and warm enough
to be a point of refuge,
safety from the boiling and the freezing.
Home, a place to unpack the bags,
to set up shop and start again.
This time the waiting will be long,
having seen it all before,
knowing what it takes.
Another aspect of the un-beginning
and the never-ending,
a blessing of the selfless self,
another go, another incomprehensible
play of patience,
leading to the shiny, swimming eyes,
the irrepressible thistle seed,
the vast and clamorous swirl of wildebeest,
the David, Mona Lisa, the Bach cantatas,
fleeing women, leaving dead families
in the deserts of Somalia,
Robert Johnson, Miss America, iPhone, Facebook,
and the endless birth of innocents
who will perhaps unravel all the knots.

George Wright 1-10-2011